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Alana Terry

Flower Swallow (eBook)

Flower Swallow (eBook)

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“I never woulda guessed a bowl of curst noodles could cause so much trouble.” ~ Woong, North Korea, age unknown

It all started with a curse. After Woong’s hunger drives him to steal the fancy meal set out by his superstitious mother, a flood ravages his home, ripping him from his parents and hurtling him into street life during the catastrophic North Korean famine.

Woong’s journey to survive is arduous, spanning several winters where cold and sickness are perils as deadly as starvation. Still, he holds on to hope of one day forging a new life of freedom and belonging.

Hailed as Alana’s most masterful novel to date, Flower Swallow is a touching story that is both inspiring and uplifting. It has been described as a “Korean Oliver Twist” and compared to “Life is Beautiful” because of its gentle handling of a very heavy topic.

Start the journey. Read Flower Swallow today. 


Also available in paperback!

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