How to Face Financial Uncertainty with Grace

How to Face Financial Uncertainty with Grace

Finding peace in uncertain times ...

You don't need to see into the future to know that prices everywhere are going up.

It can be stressful. Really stressful!

One thing I love to do when financial stress gets me anxious is to remind myself that God has promised to provide for all my needs, and he has promised to protect and take care of me.

That doesn't mean we don't acknowledge when life is hard or the bills are mounting, but we can remind ourselves of God's truths EVEN WHILE we recognize the stress of daily life.

Here's what I do to combat financial unease.

First, I confess whatever it is that's making me anxious, like we have a big heating bill coming up or gas prices have increased.

Then I remind myself of what God has already promised to do -- protect and provide for me and my family.

Here's how it might sound in my head: Groceries have gotten more expensive, but God is my Father and he has promised to provide for everything I need.

Or maybe something like: We have to pay to get the furnace fixed, but God is my Father and he knows what I need even before I ask him for anything.

If you're experiencing financial stress today, I hope this little reminder can help you find peace during no matter what.



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