Confessions from a Recovering People Pleaser

Confessions from a Recovering People Pleaser

I've wanted to write books since I was 3.

Even before I could read, I'd dictate stories to my dad, and he'd type them up on our old-school Atari and print them up on our dot-matrix printer.

Now that I'm a mom myself, I realize how much patience that took!

My dad was a huge encouragement to my on my writing journey. But he was worried that if I became a published author I'd have a hard time with the criticism. 

And, in fact, he was right. It was a big struggle putting my books out there. What if people didn't like them? Wouldn't that automatically mean that they don't like ME?

And if they don't like me then obviously I'm a terrible person unworthy of love.

(Yeah, the dramatics were a little over-the-top.)

Eventually, with some prayer, plenty of pep talks from my husband, and hundreds of chances to toughen up my skin, I've realized that as hard as an author may try to please every single reader, it’s statistically impossible!

Now, instead of trying to write books I hope my readers like, I've committed to writing the books that God's place on my heart, and I leave the results up to him.

Is it easy? Not always. But it's better than trying to please the entire world!

What about you? Have you had to develop a tough skin to handle criticism? What do you do to remind yourself that your job is to please God and not the entire world? 


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