These Christian Novels Closed a North Korean Prison Camp

These Christian Novels Closed a North Korean Prison Camp


Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction ...

From prayer warrior to full-time novelist

For years, I felt a tremendous burden to pray for countries where Christians were persecuted. It became my own personal prayer burden.

It didn't shock anybody that the first novel I ever published was set in North Korea, which boasts one of the worst human rights abuses in contemporary history.

What WAS shocking, however, was how God used these novels not only to inspire other believers to pray, but to close an entire prison camp on the other side of the globe.



The closing of North Korea's most notorious prison camp

When I was doing my initial research for my first North Korean novel, one prison camp in particular stood out as the most notorious. Camp 22 became the setting for The Beloved Daughter, the first book in the Whispers of Refuge series.

(It also is the camp that American journalist Ian is taken to in Out of North Korea.)

For years, I prayed for the real-life people in Camp 22. I imagined the very ground that prison was built on one day becoming a place of worship to the one true God.

Years later, when I went to look something up about Camp 22 for another Whispers of Refuge novel, I read a news report that the camp had been closed.


the christian series that brings hope to north korean refugees


Read the novels that sparked a revolution in North Korea

I don't know if Camp 22 would have closed if countless readers across the world hadn't been inspired to pray.

I don't know if my dreams of seeing a Camp 22's ground turn into a place of worship will come to fruition in this life.

Nevertheless, this headline was a powerful reminder about the impact prayer can have, not only on our personal lives but also on the entire world.

It was also a reminder of how Christian fiction can truly change history.


How these Christian novels closed a North Korean prison camp


And now you can join the revolution.

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